Friday, 14 March 2014

Agreement with a Japanese Law Firm

The lawyers in virtual firm Click Juridico have finally reached an agreement with a Japanese law firm to represent us before the Court of Japan.
The agreement includes both the representation of each person affected in the trial of Civil Rehabilitation, and the suit against the Board of Directors of MtGox to take responsibility for their behaviour.
The agreement has been established taking into account all the people affected, without taking in consideration the quantity of their loss, and, which is more important, establishing a policy of payments in accordance to the technical and legal difficulty of each trial and the possibilities of participation in them.
For this reason, two trials are well defined, even though taking part in one of them, implies to be entailed to the other.
1. Civil Rehabilitation:
a) Initial Fee: anything will be charged for the representation of each person affected and for being included in the trial of Civil Rehabilitation, because we think this trial is not going to finish our complaint.
b) Fee in case of success: a 10 % of the quantity obtained in this trial will be charged.
2. Lawsuit against MtGox:
a) Initial Fee: a 2,5 % will be charged to each person affected in the moment to initiate the claim. To calculate that percentage it will be applied the average exchange rate of the BTC in Euros in the day when the obligation of payment arises. In these percentages are included the legal taxes and consumer taxes, advanced payments and notifications and all the expenses related to the communication between the lawyer and the client.
b) Fee in case of success: a 10 % of the sums obtained in the trial will be charged.
These are the expenses according to the agreement established with the Japanese law firm. No more expenses will be charged for its services, notifications, letters or calls; even though, all the communications will be held by e-mail. However, the people affected will be provided a telephone number in case of emergency.
In relation to other expenses that could arise, it is ONLY considered the possibility of technical reports of expertises requested by the Court and / or the translation services when it is strictly necessary.
If someone wants to be part of this suit, he / she will have to follow the procedure in the Guide to Affected people in this Blog. Once received and confirmed the data of each person affected they will be sent the contract which will join the lawyer and the client. 

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of the agreement, you can contact to lawyers in Click Juridico at

Platform announcement (14/03/2014)

The objective of this Platform has been always try to gather all the possible affected people to try to recover what MtGox took from us. From the beginning we have informed you in this Blog about the news that appeared in the Net, and we have invited you to participate and to give your opinion freely. We have also opened a post in where we can share information.
We have tried to act as transparent as possible and we want to continue doing things in this way. As you well know, we came in contact with the lawyers in the virtual firm Click Juridico.
After some days and the initial confusion, new proposals have arisen, like that of the Office in Great Britain (Selachii) and more recently projectgox and mtgoxrecovery.
It is true that each affected person could choose freely the option she /he considers the best and everyone is competent in this issue.
For those who are interested in, we have to tell you that finally the lawyers in the virtual firm Click Juridico have reached an agreement with a Japanese law firm. The details of this agreement are explained in the next post.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Platform of Affected People by MtGox Announcement

We received a letter from the lawyers of Click Jurídico where they inform us about the proposals recieved.

Specially, there are two of them really interesting:

A) In both proposals there is a initial percentage to pay which would be a 3% of the amount claimed. This initial disbursement is in concept of professional fees. It remains to define and determine the amount to apply the 3% ( since that they don't know yet which price will be used to use that estimation, the Mt. Gox closure price, the monthly price or the price at the moment of closing the contract, in the moment that this point is clear we will inform).

B) Percentage over the recovered amounts. This percentage is between 8-12% depending on the firm.

In the spirit of the Lawyers is to directly influence on a percentage reduction of the initial amount to make it more affordable at the time to start the procedure, as well as adjusting the percentage of amounts that could be recovered, but less than 8% seems pretty complicated at this time.

We still need to know the conditions from the UK firm, but given the amount of Bitcoins and people who say they have contacted them it would be normal that the percentage will be lower.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


We have kept daily contact with the lawyers and they have suggested to us a proposal. In order to carry out a joint claim, they need to know the real number of affected people that would be interested in this initiative and to have access to specific information as well.

Firstly, the lawyers will focus in a personalized advice in order to confirm the real situation of each affected person.

We have negotiated a fixed price of 50 euros (taxes included) to provide this service, so those who owned small amounts of BTCs in MtGx can join this initiative.

If you are interested, you have to follow the procedure in the Guide to Affected People.

Once the lawyers confirm you as an affected person, you will receive individual and punctual information about the actions they are developing.

There is every indication that the legal actions will have to be made before the relevant authorities in Japan. The lawyers have established contact with different law firms and they are studying which one gives the most guarantees.

We hope to count on all the possible support to help us to recover what is ours.